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Enjoy full access to a library of professionally led Barre, Bounce and Pilates classes created and taught by Danielle Srb, owner and founder of barre44. On demand classes to fit your schedule anytime, anywhere! Prefer to drop in for a single class rental? Just find a class that works for you and enjoy 2 day immediate access.


Barre - Bounce - Pilates - Stretch

At barre44 we believe fitness is a lifestyle. Danielle's barre44 classes are designed to hit every muscle in your body for a true full body workout with a strong Pilates foundation. The combination of these classes are the perfect mix of cardio, strength training and flexibility to help you feel your absolute best! Our bounce44 high cardio/low impact bounce cardio classes are guaranteed to lift you up mentally and physically and detox your lymphatic system which is a key immune booster. If you're looking to slow it down and focus on core strength and flexibility, try a Pilates mat or Stretch class. There’s a class here for every mood, every level, every goal. Let's get started!

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  • 1-5 lb hand weights

  • Gliding discs (or socks)

  • Mini Pilates ball (or pillow)

  • Mini resistance band

  • Pilates Ring (not every class)

  • Ankle weights 2-2.5lb (optional)  - these are for our seasoned clients when they feel they want to kick it up a notch. Can be worn for barre or mat work.


Barre44 content changes weekly to keep our community continually challenged both mentally and physically. No two classes are exactly alike.

100 + VIDEOS

​​Whatever mood you're in, we have the workout for you. Some days you may want to sweat it out with a high cardio, low impact bounce session! Other days, you may want to take one of our full body barre workouts that hit every muscle in you body and leave you feeling longer, leaner and stronger from head to toe. And other days may be suited for a long, relaxing stretch to calm the mind and create length in the body.


Feel connected and supported. We are here to help you feel your absolute best. I'm always here for any questions you may have to ensure you have the best experience.

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